Bond Concepts GmbH


We create Concepts for Properties & develop building projects. Get in touch with us and let us find a project that will be able to realize your vision.

Bond Concepts are developing Projects in Germany and the EU. Therefore we are searching for Properties to develop a specific Project in every single case. We started for mainly Danish Investors and expend our partner and customer network in Germany and founded the Bond Concepts GmbH here in Hamburg.

The focus is on a future-oriented development of grounds and buildings for sustainable projects. Residential or Business buildings as well as the touristic sector with Hotels, Holiday Resorts and Houseboats to encourage touristic measures. Including renewable energies, digitalization, etc. to enlarge the profitability.

We are always searching for building grounds and properties in Germany.

My Name is Suzan Bondzio and founded the Bond Concepts GmbH to finally fulfill all my passion about realizing visions in the building sector and be part of creating the urban pattern. With my architectural background and the certification as an authorized Expert Service Provider I will implement my perspectives and consulting function in your unique projects.

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Bond Concepts GmbH

Founder & Owner: Suzan Bondzio

Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 18
20459 Hamburg

+49 (0)179 19 77 885

Amtsgericht Hamburg | HRB 171907